INVESTORS WANTED


                                                                     “Finder’s Fees” PAID!


                                                                      (Earn $$$ Thousands $$$)          



    Do you have a wealthy friend or relative, or know a neighbor, co-worker or someone with money invested in Stocks, Bonds, IRA, 401K or other type of Retirement Accounts, Bank CDs or other low-interest paying investments?send them to us!


    If they invest with us, we will pay you a “finder’s fee” (referral fee) of $1,000.00 for the first $50,000.00 AND $500.00 for each additional $50,000.00 they invest with us!  (Earn thousands, we will mail you our check (or wire funds) immediately upon close of every transaction they do with us even YEARS from now, --paid to you just like a royalty!!)!!!


     Their money will be invested in safe/well-secured real estate collateralized notes and mortgages, land contracts, or lease/option contracts.  They will earn 15% to 18% and sometimes as high as 25% to 32% on their money which can be invested for periods as short as only 1-1/2 to 2 years.  Payments are made to the purchasers/investors on a monthly basis and paid off in full (plus their profit!) at the end of the term (or earlier!)!!


     Example:  $35,000.00 invested @ 15% for 30 years would grow to $3,063,934.83 – (that’s THREE MILLION, SIXTY-THREE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-THREE CENTS!)! –Ask your banker or accountant to verify these figures as being correct – yes, -- that’s why banks have endless money – they know the power of compound interest – now you or someone you know can take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.


Have them give us a call and mention your name.  (You can also call, fax, or write and let us know that you are the one referring them to us.  Or, if you prefer, we can call them for you.)


Note:  we will also pay you $250.00 if you refer to us a company or individual who sells us a note and mortgage or land contract, etc.!


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