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(Perfect for Wealth-Building or Retirement Income!!)


Priority Message to Fellow Investors!!

Extremely “High-Yield” Mortgage Investment Opportunity!!!


ATTN:  INVESTORS!!!  Have you recently sold a property and want to reinvest

                  Or, do you have $$ in a 401k, etc.?

(Invest and Earn 18% - 23% / Year!!!)

(Perfect for Wealth-Building or Retirement Income!! – Some of our Investors are now buying for their CHILDREN or GRANDCHILDREN!!)  --(Truly “Hands-Off” Real Estate Investments for EVERYONE!!!)


HELLO!!!  I am one of your fellow members of SEVERAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ORGANIZATIONS NATIONWIDE (BOTH for "Cash Flow Instruments") and Wholesale "Investment" Real Estate!!!


We are Exhibitors at several "Cash Flow" and RE Conferences and had lots of information to give out from our booth to other members.  I wasn’t sure you received it, so I am sending this letter to let you know we would be happy to provide it to you.  I can fax or email, or even meet you in person if you would like!


In particular, we are looking for INVESTORS for HIGHLY “DISCOUNTED” (50% LTV!!) mortgages or lease/options against some of the foreclosed homes that we have available at incredible low prices.  (High returns of 18% - 23% per year (WITH MONTHLY PAYMENTS!), are making some of our “smart” investors wealthy!!)


As you know, it is not easy to make any substantial money from normal real estate investing or from investments in today's "low” rates of interest being paid on bank CDs or money-market accounts, etc.  And most other investments such as stocks, commodities, small businesses, etc. are too risky.  But you CAN safely become WEALTHY from "interest" or “rent” (from discounted lease/options) if you put your money to work correctly.  If you could buy other investors’ highest interest rate investment or retirement accounts (which were locked-in several years ago at rates of up to 12%) at a discounts of 25% - 50% and earn the "locked-in" high rate of interest on the full higher principal balance yielding you an effective rate of return of 18% - 23% -- you would safely be on the way to earning the type of high rates necessary to accumulate TRUE WEALTH!!


NOTE:  Currently the returns to our investors are averaging 25% to 42% per year!! --and --(100% - 200% on properties resold!!)!!!


We can help you do exactly this by purchasing new or existing properties with short & long term "LAND CONTACTS, MORTGAGES, DEEDS OF TRUST, or LEASE/OPTION CONTRACTS" (ANYWHERE IN THE USA!) at HUGE DISCOUNTS up to 50% --(VERY WELL SECURED!!).  These situations occur due to many various reasons.  Many times people will have temporary problems such as job loss, relocation, divorce, medical emergency, etc., and have a need for immediate cash.  We buy these land contract, mortgage, or lease/option "savings accounts" by paying a fair price which gives the sellers the immediate cash they need, and then when you purchase from us YOU get the monthly payments being “interest” or “rent” on the FULL BALANCE (yielding 18% - 23%, and sometimes even more!!) since you purchased the contract at a substantial discount)!  We consider these land contracts, mortgages, or lease/option contracts to be very safe and well secured (by real estate!) since the buyers have often paid on the property (which is security for your contract) for months or even years and have a lot invested (including their downpayment and improvements made to the property), and have built substantial "equity" in their property.


These are absolutely excellent investments, but we simply can't afford to purchase and then keep every contract that comes our way.  We must therefore sell the best ones to get some of our money back so we can continue to purchase additional contracts.  (We keep the poorer contracts and continue to work with the payors who may be having temporary financial difficulties.)  This is similar to how your bank operates in that it sells off its better loans and mortgages in order to raise the money necessary to make additional loans to borrowers in their communities.  It would be very difficult to purchase a loan or mortgage from your local bank because they first of all wouldn't want people to know that they sell their loans, and secondly they normally don't sell just 1 loan at a time, but instead sell a "portfolio" of many loans totaling perhaps several million dollars to various government agencies or large mortgage companies or other institutions.


We, however, specialize in selling just 1 good land contract, mortgage, or lease/option "savings account" at a time to investors such as yourself.  You don't really need to know anything about real estate, mortgages or land contracts to invest through us.  We take care of all the details -- find the contract and/or property for sale, negotiate a fair price for it, and have the holder sign a contract agreeing to sell.  We thoroughly check out the property and contract to he certain that it is a sound investment -- by investigating the property purchaser(s)' credit and payment histories, verifying the contract interest rate, monthly payment amount, terms, balance owed, etc., ordering a property title insurance policy large enough to cover your full investment, and an accurate and up-to-date property appraisal confirming that the value of property (house, lot, etc.) exceeds the investment by a safe margin (normally 50%!!).  These, plus many other safety checks performed by our company, and the other professional companies which we hire, assures that your investment will be a safe and high-yielding opportunity.


If you would like to purchase one of these high-yielding, secure investments, just let us know how much you would like to invest!  We will handle all the details to be sure that you will get a quality land contract, mortgage, or lease/option contract.  You will be able to purchase at a discount great enough to provide you with an effective interest rate "yield" of 18% - 23%!  Many of our transactions will allow the real estate to be DEEDED TO YOU, and you will receive monthly lease (rent) payments, PLUS you will RECEIVE ALL THE TAX SHELTER (RENTAL PROPERTY “DEPRECIATION”) which will save you tax dollars at the end of the year!!!  If you prefer, we can even keep the contract in our name and "pledge" it to you as security for a short-term loan you make to us in which we would collect the payments on the contract and then simply pay you each month from the money we collect.  Again, you would make the same safe high interest rate return (18%. - 23%)!


Just think if you would have started doing this several years ago how much money you would have now -- or for your retirement in a few years.  Example: $35,000.00 invested at only 15% for 30 years would compound to $3,063,937.30 - that's THREE MILLION, SIXTY-THREE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN AND 30/100 DOLLARS!  (You probably could have started 20 years go, couldn't you?!)  I personally have already started, and now you can too!  We can work on this together.  I'll tell you more and show you what we have available, or start putting together something especially for you.  Let us help you get started!!!


Please call me at 1-800-359-2274 or 1-800-800-5018.  I will look forward to hearing from you!  If you are interested we can meet someplace for coffee and I can show you ACTUAL CLOSED FILES of some of the properties, mortgages, land contracts, and lease/option contracts we have already sold.  (Some very successful and WELL KNOWN local business OWNERS/LANDLORDS are earning HUGE profits with our investments!) If you BUY a property from us we can RESELL it for you THE SAME DAY!!!  You can receive your first monthly check the SAME DAY you close!!.  There is no better way to make immediate profits plus monthly payments in real estate than this.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Again, my number is 1-800-359-2274 (Tel) or 1-616-209-9010 (Cell).  Please just give me a call!!



P. S. You can invest through a self-directed IRA or Keogh plan for substantial tax savings.  If you need help, we can put you in touch with one or more very good companies that will make it easy for you!!  A lot of people sell a property and don’t really know what to do with the money other than putting it in their local bank at very poor returns.  With what we have available, you should be able to make 25%+ instead of only 3% to 10%!!


Consider investing in these incredible well-secured cash-flow lease/options for your retirement (or for your children or grandchildren!)!!

Our sister companies can also BUY Promissory Notes, Land Contracts, Mortgages, Oil Leases, etc… AND . . . ORIGINATE Real Estate Mortgage Loans to help you refinance or purchase properties!!!  CALL US FOR DETAILS!!!


NOTE: If you refer to us either a land contract seller or another investor, we will pay you a very nice "referral" fee of .5% to 2.0% (maximum of $5,000,00) per transaction we conclude with them.

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